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Friday, May 29, 2009

Special THURSDAY Edition of Building A Civlization of Love- DOWNLOAD!

This past Thursday we had a VERY special EDITION of Building A Civilization of Love on Radio Teopoli, AM530 dedicated to Mother Mary and the Month of Mary with Host, Frank Ruffolo and Producer, Laura Cirami.

This special edition of Building A Civilization featured a Radio Teopoli, AM530 exclusive interview with John Michael Talbot who is Catholic music's number one recording artist with sales of close to 5 million records worldwide and 51 albums. John Michael Talbot, the Founder, and Spiritual Father of the Brothers and Sisters of Charity at Little Portion Hermitage in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, was in Toronto recently as part of his Spring 2009 Northeast Tour to perform his amazing music and give his inspirational talks filled with much wisdom and spiritual food for thought at St. Paul's Basilica in downtown Toronto to raise funds for rebuilding Little Portion Monastery after a terrible fire on April 28th, 2008. This remarkable evening was hosted by Pedro Guverra Mann, Producer of Salt and Light Television who sponsored this special performance by also recording the entire concert and talk for Hungry For the Spirit airing on Salt and Light Television.

Following our Radio Teopoli, AM 530 exclusive interview with John Michael Talbot we featured an interview with Rosary Walk For Life Organizer Mike Klaming. The Rosary Walk For Life takes place this Saturday, May 30th, 2009, In Honour of Our Lady of Guadalupe, following Mass Celebration at 10am at the Good Shepherd Convent in Toronto. Mike Klaming gave us everything we needed to know about the Rosary Walk for Life on Building A Civilization of Love.

Lastly, we took a look at the Sisters of the Good Shepherd who were founded in 1829 by Saint Mary Euphrasia Pelletier in Angers, France whose good works today have spread to 70 countries around the world. Talk about Building A Civilization of Love! Sister Margaret of the Sisters of Good Shepherd gave us all the details about her religious order and its Founder Saint Mary Euphrasia who said, "ONE CHILD IS WORTH THE WHOLE WORLD."

Here is the downloadable show below in case you missed it or if you wish to archive it =)

DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.zshare.net/audio/60674767c3147973/

Remember to tune in every Friday between 2-3pm to Build A Civilization of Love with Frank Ruffolo and Laura Cirami on www.am530.ca or on your AM530 dial. Make sure you stay connected and check back the blog for special feature shows such as this!

Thank you for your time!
May God Bless YOU!

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